What is it?

This is a userscript that replaces any instance of “He/She” or “He or She” on a web page to “They”. The code can recognise instances of “he/she is” and replace them with “they are” to maintain grammatical correctness. Other contextual differences can be recognised and replaced accordingly.

How do I use this?

You will need a userscript manager. I recommend Tampermonkey.

Once you have Tampermonkey installed, visit the GitHub repo and follow the instructions in the readme.

This extension is unfinished

There may be rough edges and instances where this extension many not work. If that this is the case, either create an issue or submit a pull request with edited code.

See the script in action

This debug video should give you a general idea on what this extension does. However it may not accurately represent normal usage.

Known issues

The script doesn’t function correctly at all if a string in the body contains any capitalisation